Fratelli Navarra

Consolidated Experience:
the result
of past traditions

Since 1999, Fratelli Navarra has been a well established and reputable company operating in the fields of monument restoration and architecture/artwork preventive and planned preservation.

Over the years the Fratelli Navarra has successfully carried out a vast range of conservation and restoration work, unique in terms of the techniques implemented, the surrounding landscapes involved and the purpose allocated to the building following its restoration.

For example Villa Scheibler in Milano; Hotel de Russie, Palazzo Kock, Palazzo del Clementino (Piazza Esedra) and Palazzo di Propaganda Fide in Roma; Manifattura delle Arti DAMS in Bologna; Stazione di Porta Nuova in Torino; Palazzo Ducale in Genova; Real Albergo de’ Poveri in Napoli; and numerous examples of conservation work in L’Aquila.

Among the many interventions carried out, some have been particularly significant for the importance of their historical, technical and territorial context: Piazza San Pietro in Roma, Basilica di Sant’Antonio in Padova, Palazzo della Ragione in Verona, Castello Sforzesco in Milano, Villa Reale in Monza, Reggia di Caserta and Parco Archeologico in Pompei.

Certifications and attestations

The certifications of Fratelli Navarra, besides representing a greater assurance of reliability through the development of an organizational-oriented to environmental management system, are an important step towards a business management system based on criteria of sustainability.


Attestazione SOA ISO9001 ISO14001 ISO45001 SA8000