Fish Market, Ancona



Renovation of the State Building located in the Mandracchio area at the Port of Ancona.


Concise account of work carried out

The project involves the structural renewal of the building, with the technological-environmental modernization and the energy, architectural and functional requalification, and the start of the reconditioning of the Mandracchio area. Among the purposes of the project, there is the strengthening of the identity of the fish market, as a strategic workplace, architectural value, linked to tradition and synthesis of the relationship between the sea, the city and the territory. Another objective is to encourage the interaction of this space with the city: in addition to maintaining the fish market activity, it will have a restaurant business for the enhancement of the fish product, with an area of ​​250 square meters and 70 seats, and an area for the rediscovery of the historical activities of the netters and others related to the world of fishing.
The renovation project provides for the maintenance in use of the operation of the fish market and of the traders housed within the three buildings subject to intervention.

  • Client

    Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mare Adriatico Centrale Ancona

  • Key figures

    The renovation pertain to an area of 4,200 square meters out of a total of 4,717 square meters, in addition to volumes with the articulated "wave" shape of the main and historic building.

  • Start and end dates

    settembre 2021 / in corso

  • Designers, supervisors

    RUP (Sole responsible for procedure): Ing. Gianluca Pellegrini, Director(s) of works: Ing. Andrea Gaggiotti