Basilica Sant’Antonio, Padova



Restoration and consolidation work on the cupolas and the convent unit of Basilica di Sant’ Antonio, Padova.


Concise account of work carried out

Geological analysis and static analysis of masonry; assembly of a sophisticated multi-directional scaffolding system; freeing voids of organic sediments; disinfection and cleaning (hand brushing); labelling and cataloguing elements before disassembly; static – mechanic analysis and consolidation of curtain walls supporting the cupolas; strengthening the base by inserting stainless steel rods (spinottamento); restoration work on wooden structures and lead cladding; analysis of mechanical properties of lead cladding; cleaning with solvents and strengthening with resins; cleaning and disinfecting wooden flooring; hooping dome segments using steel cabling; reinforcement plating with barring; application of water repellent against the elements; restoration of the trussed roof; installation of tie beams against wind loads; consolidation of tympanums supporting the roof.

  • Client

    Veneranda Arca di Sant’ Antonio, Padova.

  • Key figures

    Restoration of eight wooden cupolas.

  • Start and end dates

    December 1998 – December 1999

  • Designers, supervisors

    Lead scientist: Prof. Giorgio Croci. Supervision of work: Marco Silvestri. Architectural designer: Borghi and Falini.