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Carried out Restoration

Palazzo della Ragione, Verona



Conservative restoration work to develop a multipurpose exhibition centre of Palazzo della Ragione or of Mercato Vecchio and ancillary restoration work on Torre dei Lamberti, Torre del Capitano and Cappella dei Notari.

Concise account of work carried out

Archival research; nondestructive analyses; static analysis; for masonry, georadar and endoscopic analyses, direct logging; for wooden structures, georadar analyses; assessing the amount of rot; endoscopic analyses; numerical modelling (FEM) of the entire building; geologicaltechnical inspection; foundation inspection; loft and roof analyses; main work: strengthening lofts and roofing; strengthening and re storing masonry.

  • Client :

    Municipality of Verona.

  • Key figures :

    7,000 sqm of external area restored; approx. 450 sqm. of frescos; approx 6,000 sqm. of historical plastering; approx. 1,150 sqm. of painted wooden ceiling; approx. 450 sqm. of stone; 18 restorers took part.

  • Start and end dates:

    September 2004 – September 2007; for Torre dei Lamberti, September 2006 – November 2008.

  • Designers, supervisors:

    Structural work supervisor: Giandomenico Cocco. Architectural Project: Tobia Scarpa and Afra Bianchin Scarpa. Site manager: Vittorio Scazzocchio. Technical Supervisor for restoration work: Fabio Porzio.

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