Villa Reale, Monza



Restoration and redevelopment of the Villa and annexed gardens, first lot of work.


Concise account of work carried out

Diagnostics; structural work to re-establish and strengthen walls; restoring utility systems; restoration of decorative elements; special bandages in aramadic fibres were fitted to entrance pillars; steel plates and bars were inserted into the walls; cleaning, strengthening, reconstructing missing parts and colour glazes; cleaning marble details on walls and repairing stucco near the vaults; conservation work in volving boiserie, tapestries and wooden floors.

  • Client

    Infrastrutture Lombarde Spa: restoration work; Consorzio Parco and Villa Reale, Monza: management.

  • Key figures

    Approx. 400 sqm of graffiti; over 9,000 sqm of plastering; 2,600 sqm of floors; 2,700 sqm of roofing; 1,100 sqm of vaults; approx. 700 sqm of wooden frames; over 700 sqm of granite stone cladding; 10,000 sqm of external and internal scaffolding; 32 re storers, 37 workmen including builders, electricians and mechanics.

  • Start and end dates

    March 2012 - May 2014

  • Designers, supervisors

    Architectural and restoration design: Massimo Mazzoleni, Maria Signorelli, Francesco Augelli and Giuseppina Suardi. New structures project and strengthening works project: Giorgio Croci, Ajmen Herzalla. Plant design project: Virgilio Brocajoli. Belvedere restoration project: aMDL Studio Michele De Lucchi.