Santa Maria del Suffragio, L’Aquila



Structural consolidation, seismic improvement, restoration and re-functionalisation work. Plant engineering of the Church of Santa Maria del Suffragio known as the Church of the Anime Sante (Blessed Souls) – L’Aquila.

  • Client

    Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities - Regional Directorate of Cultural and Landscape Heritage for Abruzzo - Sole Responsible for the Proceedings: Arch. Claudio Finarelli.

  • Key figures

    24 months of structural monitoring with processing of the relative data acquired. 24,213 custom-made shaped bricks for the reconstruction of the Cupola. 600 meters of galvanized steel fibre strips for structural reinforcement of the vaults. 2,600 sqm of masonry to be consolidated. 91,200 kg of fluid mortar for masonry reinforcements with an average incidence of 35kg/ sqm. 15,800 kg of hot-dip galvanized steel for structural reinforcement. 3,500 meters of ÿ32mm Dywidag bars. 84 sqm of pure gold leaf for the restoration of decorative elements. 114 decorative plaster elements inside the lacunars of which 70 partially and/or fully reconstructed. 500 metres of stucco frames of which 300 partially and/ or fully reconstructed. 10 restorers and assistant re storers specialized in stone restoration, 25 restorers and assistant restorers, specialized in the restoration of decorations and decorative elements, 8 restorers and assistant restorers specialized in the restoration of wood.

  • Start and end dates

    start of work 26/02/2014 -end of work 16/11/2018

  • Designers, supervisors

    Structural Construction Design: SPC srl - Prof. Eng. G. Croco and Arch. A. Herzalla; Construction Supervision: Arch. F. De Vitis; Responsible for the Artistic and Historic works: Dr. A. Colangelo; CSE (Safety coordinator during execution): Arch. C. Lufrano; Project Manager: Arch. N. Inversi; Responsible for restoration works: Dr. L. Pelagalli.