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In Progress Restoration

Parco Archeologico, Pompei



Reconfiguration of the escarpment and restoration work of the Casti Amanti insula.


Concise account of work carried out

Geotechnical and electrical tomographic surveys; strati graphic assays of the archaeological area; realization of scientific documentation of the findings of the archaeological excavations; photographic documentation; reliefs of the archaeological area; securing of archaeological findings; disassembly of existing cover in tubes and joints; supply and installation of roofing consisting of spatial reticular structure and spherical knots; construction of a new visitor route for the insula; realization of electrical and special installations.

  • Client:

    Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Parco Archeologico di Pompei.

  • Key figures :

    3,000 square meters of archaeological area; 2,200 square meters of reticular structure roofing system; 3,000 cubic metres of archaeological excavation.

  • Start and end dates:

    July 2019 – underway

  • Designers, supervisors:

    Consortium: Italiana Costruzioni SpA, Icores Srl, Ignazio Cassisi Fabrizio; Design: B5 srl ñ Arch. Francesca Brancaccio ñ Eng. Ugo Brancaccio; Director of Works: Arch. Francesca Brancaccio; CSE (Safety coordinator du ring execution): Arch. Francesca Brancaccio; RUP (Sole responsible for procedure): Dr.ssa Alberta Martellone; Project: Reconfiguration of the escarpment and restoration work of the Casti Amanti insula - GPP15

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