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In Progress Restoration

Reggia di Caserta



Renovation work on the roofs and restoration of the façades, lot I.


Concise account of work carried out

Topographic surveys, laser scans, photogrammetric and thermographic surveys; sur vey and restoration of wo oden trusses; renovation of pitched roofs with insertion of insulating materials and recovery of the roofing tile covering; disinfection and cleaning of all surfaces; removal of old restorations and unsuitable fillings; removal of all non-original metal elements supporting the stone face; filling of gaps and substitution of missing parts with materials and techniques similar to the original; colour revision of all surfaces; consolidation and/or re construction of plaster sur rounding frames; restoration and remake of wooden window frames; restoration of the original water regulation system; installation of Faraday cage; creation of a visitor path within the attics with relative lighting system.

  • Client :

    Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Reggia di Caserta.

  • Key figures :

    5,000 sqm of roofing to be intervened upon; 2,500 sqm of facing stone; 2,000 sqm of brick curtain wall; 1100 sqm of ‘incannuciata’ caned tiles; 800 sqm of wooden window frames; 19 dormer windows.

  • Start and end dates:

    February 2020 - in progress

  • Designers, supervisors:

    Consortium: Italiana Costruzioni SpA, Fratelli Navarra Srl, Icores srl; Coordinator of the Design Group: Arch. Flavia Belardelli; Director(s) of works: QS Luigi Di Francesco - Art Historian Giuseppe Oreste Graziano; CSE (Safety coordinator during execution): QS Vincenzo Car bone; RUP (Sole responsible for procedure): Arch. Flavia Belardelli; Project: Renovation of the roofs and resto ration of the façades of the internal courtyards - - Lot 1- Chapter A

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