Sacrario Militare, Redipuglia



Conservative restoration of War Memorial.


Concise account of work carried out

The conservative restoration work involved the three constituent materials of the Sacrarium, i.e. concrete floors, the bronze plates. As far as stones are concerned, a general cleaning activity was carried out, preceded by disinfesting and targeted dry cleaning by means of mini-sand (Scritta Presente). The bronze slabs have been the following sequence of work is carried out: a first mechanical re pair of the cracks, occlusion of the holes, verification and reconstruction of the fastening systems, followed by mini sand blasting with Garnet-type sand and fine coating with more ammonium sulphate and final protective treatment with microcrystal line waxes.

  • Client

    Presidency of the Council of Ministers, General Secretariat, Mission Structure for anniversaries of national interest.

  • Key figures

    Total surface area of the shrine involved in the restoration work: 43,000 square meters. Stone surfaces treated: 19,320 sqm

  • Start and end dates

    start of work 12/04/2018 -end of work 27/08/2020

  • Designers, supervisors

    DESIGNER: Studio B5 s.r.l Arch. Francesca Brancaccio-Eng. Ugo Brancaccio, Arch. Roy Gianporcaro Via Sant’Anna dei Lombardi, 16 - 80134 Napoli (Principal geologist) Dr. Gianluca Minim. CONSUL TANTS IN THE DESIGN PHASE: Prof. Arch. Fabio Mango ne (History of Architecture); Macchia- roli & Partners (Electrical and Special Installations); Dr. Luca Bousier, Ph.D. (agronomist and architect). (BIM); Fed Spinoff (BIM). CONSULTANT REDUCTION PLAN MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT- VA: Novigos Engineering S.r.l