Uffizi, Florence



Restoration and functional renovation of Vasari Corridor of the monumental complex of Uffizi in Florence


Concise account of work carried out

The project aims to carry out the restoration and the adaptation of technological and special systems, the safety measures for the purposes of fire prevention, the overcoming of architectural barriers for complete accessibility of the path, the improvement of thermohygrometric comfort, as well as to some specific works to improve the seismic behavior of the Vasari Corridor. The “aerial road” that since 1565 has connected the Uffizi with the Boboli Gardens and Palazzo Pitti will be reinstated in its original function as a hanging path connecting the two sixteenth-century monumental emergencies, located on both banks of the Arno. The works therefore include architectural restoration and plant adaptation, conservative recovery and accessibility for the disabled of the entire “high altitude” path.

  • Client

    Mibact – Le Gallerie degli Uffizi

  • Key figures

    The passage from the beginning in Palazzo Vecchio to the end in Palazzo Pitti measures approximately 760 meters.

  • Start and end dates

    September 2021 – in progress

  • Designers, supervisors

    RUP (Sole responsible for procedure): Arch. Giulia Manca, Director(s) of works: Arch. M. Linari